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Nov 30 2017

5 Great Web Conferencing Options for Your Small Business #web #conferencing #companies

5 Great Web Conferencing Options for Your Small Business

You can t really run a business these days without web conferencing capabilities. When you require everyone to be in the same physical location at once, you limit the possibilities of your business. Web conferencing makes you and your company more versatile, which can only mean positive growth. There are a few different web conferencing services available. Which is the best to use? Here s a brief look at some of the most popular services.

Adobe Connect is one of the best web conferencing services available, and it s especially good for larger businesses and busier entrepreneurs. With this service, you can meet with a total of 100 people at one time. Everyone can video chat, share files and documents, collaborate on and edit shared documents, and share computer screens. The meeting room is extremely customizable so you can design things however they ll work best for you. Smaller businesses can also benefit from this excellent service. Adobe Connect is accessible on all desktop and mobile platforms. It costs an average of $55 per month.

GoToMeeting is another of the more popular web conferencing options. Many small businesses and entrepreneurs like this service because it s extremely simple to use. It has a very intuitive interface, and you can instantly connect with others. People can join in on the meeting by VoIP as well, but it doesn t work on all mobile devices, which might be inconvenient for you or your partners and employees. For about $49 per month, it only supports meetings for up to 15 people at one time. The small meeting size, though, might be just enough for your business.

WebEx is actually the leader in web conferencing. It has the most users and has been around the longest. That prestige definitely means a great service that will work for your business, no matter what size. It has very reliable video conferencing services for up to six users at one time, and it works across all platforms, be it desktop or mobile device. It has all the easy-to-use features you d want in a web conferencing service, including screen sharing, document collaboration, recording, and whiteboard. It costs approximately $49 per month.

Fuze Meeting is a relatively new web conferencing service, but it seems so far to be as feature-packed and reliable as other. more mature services. It allows for HD video conferencing with a total of 10 people, and webinars can accommodate up to 100 users. It s very easy to share documents and screens and record your meetings. It also integrates Skype to allow call-ins via toll-free numbers. Fuze Meeting also works very well on all different types of devices. It costs about $69 per month.

Skype isn t a traditional web conferencing service, but it s more and more frequently being used as one by small and large businesses alike. Skype is unique because it offers free services including HD video chat with up to 10 people, VoIP calling, and screen sharing. You can get just about everything you might need for basic web conferencing for free with Skype. Unless you really need the advanced features of the other web conferencing services, and you probably will as you grow your business, Skype is a good alternative.

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