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Nov 22 2017

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Do I have an addiction problem?

When does our drinking, using or obsessive behaviour cross the line?

Sure signs of an addiction problem include either a sense of guilt about using, irritability towards people or situations that question our using, inability to cut down, or a sense of needing to use to function.

If you experience any of these, consider how much more you stand to lose before you get treatment.


Does my loved one have an addiction problem?

Are my concerns legitimate? Is it time to step in?

Signs of addiction may include erratic or irresponsible behaviour, tendency to isolate or maintain unhealthy associations with people, poor eating and sleeping habits and dishonesty.

The key is to help the person suffering from addiction to come to the realisation that they have a problem. For their loved ones, it often means to “stop enabling ” their behaviour, otherwise known as letting them face the consequences of their illness.

When the case is too severe and stopping enabling doesn’t break through the denial, staging an intervention or in extreme cases organising a court order may be necessary.

We can help you evaluate the situation.


What we do

We Do Recover is not associated with a specific institution, but rather partners with a broad range of facilities in the UK, South Africa and Thailand. This guarantees our assessment is impartial and actually tailored to your needs.
Beyond the professional support we provide to each person who contacts us, we provide helpful resources on addiction and treatment options. We believe that addiction, criminality and violence are deeply intertwined, and that the quality and effectiveness of our services contribute to a safer world.

Our services include:

    • Professional assessment of your needs
    • Rehab admission processing, including health insurance pre-authorisation where possible
    • Organising interventions
    • Sourcing and executing a court order
    • Online resources on addiction

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