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Jan 31 2018

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Welcome! I started this site in 2004 to help those who want to learn Biblical Hebrew. All the content is free and much of it is licensed with Creative Commons (see individual pages for details). I’d love to hear if this site has been useful to you. Feel free to email me at .

I have now added a donation button as well to help defray the monthly costs associated with teaching in virtual worlds. Give as you feel led, but please don�t feel obligated. Enjoy 🙂

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    “Reading the Bible in translation is like kissing your new bride through a veil.” –Haim Nachman Bialik (Jewish Poet, 1873-1934)

    Practice biblical Hebrew with Jonah! Listen, read, and interact. Comic includes:
    � entire Hebrew text of Jonah
    � slow Hebrew audio read
    � 3 scripts (square, cursive, paleo-Hebrew)
    � 3 forms (consonantal, pointed, cantillated)
    � ancient translations (Aramaic, Syriac, Greek, Latin)
    � modern translations (German, French, 3 English)
    � manual and auto play modes.

    Learn biblical Hebrew with these 35 hours of audio/visual lectures covering the first 40 chapters of the textbook Introducing Biblical Hebrew by Allen P. Ross. In them I try to explain everything very carefully, including all the English grammar that so many people are missing and that most textbooks assume you already know.

    Download reference charts and practice worksheets. The vowel chart is particularly helpful when you are just starting to learn biblical Hebrew. Print it out and keep it handy as you read.

    Listen to an audio reading of the Hebrew exercises in Introducing Biblical Hebrew by Allen P. Ross.

    Other Language Learning Options

    Discover other options for learning biblical Hebrew and next steps once you have the basics.

    Learn the Hebrew alphabet with this animation. Sung by my wife, Michelle. Mp3 version also available.

    Learn the vocabulary in Introducing Biblical Hebrew by Allen P. Ross. Includes 5 different drill modes (English to Hebrew and Hebrew to English), randomization, Hebrew audio, and a personalized list for difficult words.

    Learn Hebrew verb structure (full paradigms or principal parts). Select stems/binyanim and strong or weak verbs. The drill modes and features are the same as the vocabulary flashcards above.

    English and Hebrew have very few, if any, words in common and sometimes the words that sound similar are anything but. )

    In the summer of 2000, my family and I had the privilege of visiting Israel for 2 months. I took a second year Hebrew course at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and then in the last 10 days we tried to see as much of Israel as possible. Here are some slides with commentary. Hopefully, we’ll get to go back some time.

    Online Hebrew Reading Group

    Bible Reading Checklist Track your Bible reading progress!

    Facsimiles of Biblical Hebrew Manuscripts

    “Some Rights Reserved” Licensing
    Most of the material on this site is licensed with the Creative Commons. This allows me to share my work and encourage further sharing while still maintaining some control of my own contribution. A Creative Commons license allows authors to pick a copyright that lies somewhere between “full copyright � all rights reserved � and the public domain � no rights reserved ” ( ). On most of my pages you will see a “SOME RIGHTS RESERVED” button. Just click it for a plain language explanation of the license details.

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