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Jul 31 2017

Can Perineum Massage Help Your Prostate Gland? #perineum #massage,prostate #massage,prostate #pain


Can Perineum Massage
Help Your Prostate Gland?

Gentle perineum massage can often positively influence the health of not only your prostate gland, but your entire sexual system.

Because of our sexual designs, the perineum in men and women are considerably different. They are both located in the same spot. Between the anus and the genatelia.

We will only be discussing the male body here. And, the effects of this enjoyable practice on male sexual health.

The Almost Unbelievable Great Benefits

Gently massaging this area greatly relaxes the entire sexual system. Just gently rubbing this area always feels good. It’s actually much more relaxing than erotic.

Massaging here, however, has many benefits.

Gently stroking this area for a period of time can actual cause your entire body to relax, your pulse to slow, and your blood pressure to decrease. That is how powerful and beneficial a perineum massage can be!

Amazing, isn’t it? For us men, it’s a soothing as rubbing a dog’s belly.

Male Sexual Health

Perineum massage can also be of great benefit to your sexual health!

The reason is: the nerves running to ALL of your sexual apparatus run through this area.

A gentle perineum massage refreshes all of these nerves. It also relaxes these nerves and helps to rejuvenate them.

When the nerves of your body are relaxed and working properly, all the bodily functions they connect to work better and feel better. This is how your general sexual health may improve from this massage.

Locating Your Perineum

If you lay back, open your legs up, and explore the area between your scrotum and your anus, that is your perineum.

If you rub the area with your finger tips, you will notice a sort of wide rope or cable going right up the middle. That is what you will want to massage.

How To Do A Perineum Massage

This technique is very simple to do.

Start right near your anus. Locate that cable of fibers right under the skin. The one that feels like a wide rope.

Place the 3rd and 4th fingers from each hand on either side of this “rope”. The fingers of both hands gently touching each other.

Then press gently and move your fingers left to right over this “rope”. The skin will move with your fingers. If it is at all painful your are pushing much too hard. It should feel good.

You can do this as long as you want (15 – 20 seconds is usually enough) and then move your fingers about a half inch higher toward your penis. Repeat in the new location.

Keep moving up toward your penis in this fashion.

Go The Entire Length

When you reach your scrotum you will find this “cord” or tube continues. But it changes. It becomes more tubes with less nerves and muscles.

Although the muscles in this area and most of the nerve bundle will end at about your scrotum, important sexual nerves continue all way to the tip of your penis.

You can continue this process all the way up your penis if it feels good. The most important area in this massage, however, is the actual area between you anus and your scrotum.

And that is where you should spend most of your time.

This practice can be the most pleasurable and relaxing experiences there is. And, it only takes a few minutes.

Don’t push too hard. This entire perineum massage should always be a pleasurable experience. If it is not, you’re doing it wrong.

Perineum Massage vs Prostate Massage

There are some who claim a perineum massage is all you need for your male gland. I never found that to be true.

The direct internal prostate massage technique always has a greater effect on this special gland of ours.

A perineum massage can stimulate and activate the nerves in our male gland. But, the internal technique is the only way to manually move the blood inside of the gland itself.

If you are in pain here because of damage or abuse to the perineum (bicycle seats, impact to the perineum, horseback riding, etc. ), gently rubbing (not even massaging, just gently stroking) the area will usually reduce the discomfort and speed the healing time.

No matter what the situation, gently stroking this special area is almost always very soothing.

Your body has something called “pain memory”. It tries to protect itself from further damage when an injury has occurred.

So, sometimes, even after a injury to this area has healed, a lot pain persists. Or, it can be quite painful when the area is gently touched.

This can sometimes causes a lot of testicular, or prostate pain when there is actually nothing wrong any more.

If this is the case, the pain memory can almost always be corrected by gently rubbing the area for a few minutes on a daily basis.

If you are just gently rubbing (not massaging), rubbing gently from scrotum to anus lengthwise with 3 or 4 fingers, instead of across with 2 fingers (as you do in the massage) is usually much more soothing and comforting.

Your body will soon learn that the gently touch is not an assault or trauma. It then begins to relax and become less touch sensitive.

When the area feels OK after gentle rubbing, normal perineum massage may again be worked into gently and gradually.

Avoiding Perineum Injury

Because of it’s location, it is usually pretty hard to reach this area and injure it. That space is normally very well protected by your legs, pubic bone, and pelvis.

HOWEVER, as humans we always manage to find ways to screw things up.

Bicycle seats (and activities like horseback riding, etc. ) are the main way we seem to do this.

Bicycle seats can beat you up badly and cause you all sorts of sexual pains and problems! And, you might not even realize it is happening. This is especially true with high tech racing and mountain bike seats.

Usually you won’t even see a bruise. But these damaged nerves can register severe discomfort not only where they are, but anywhere they connect.

If you ride a bike regularly and your male gland has begun to hurt for no explainable reason, or your testicles hurt for no reason, you may now have found the reason right here.

If you like to ride a bicycle, get a big fat seat. There are some specially designed prostate bicycle seats that will keep you from putting any pressure on your perineum.

the “men’s” bicycle seat

These seats don’t look nearly as cool as a real racing seat. And you don’t have the same control over the bicycle as the racing seats provide.

HOWEVER. you won’t get the prostate pain and those high tech seats often give you either.

I bought one of these special bicycles seats myself and tried it out. They can feel a bit strange at first and the balance is a little different.

But, I became used to this new kind of seat in a short period of time. And, after an hour ride, I now feel absolutely no discomfort. And there is no discomfort later in evening or even the next day.

Enjoy The Benefits Of Perineum Massage!

You don’t have to do it every day.

But, when you are experiencing discomfort in any of your sexual areas, adding some perineum massage to your health building program can be extremely soothing, calming, and healing.

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