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Jul 31 2017

Canadian Paralegal Institute #the #paralegal #institute


Canadian ParaLegal Institute SFU Harbour Centre Campus, Vancouver

Canadian Paralegal Institute was developed to meet the need in the BC legal community for skilled and knowledgeable paralegals who can add significant and real legal value to the practice of law. The courses offered by the Institute provide students with the substantive and procedural skills based education that sets them apart from their colleagues in this challenging profession.

The Institute’s objective is to provide students with a rigorous academic foundation as well as career-oriented skills. Superior quality instruction based on relevant curricula emphasizes the practical skills most needed by paralegals for success in their careers.

Program Goals Objectives

  • Understand the fundamentals of the legal system, its processes, alternatives and the role of the paralegal in the delivery of legal services;
  • Understand the rules of professional conduct governing lawyers and their application to paralegals in all employment settings;
  • Develop sound legal writing and communication skills;
  • Acquire practical skills that are the basis of all procedural matters;
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of substantive law and legal principles in civil litigation primarily in torts, evidence, and contracts;
  • Analytical skills and be capable of performing legal and factual research using both traditional resources and emerging technology;
  • To be capable of thinking creatively and independently in a legally sophisticated way about the complex and varying legal issues that paralegals may encounter; and
  • Instill the value of contributing back to society by volunteering at legal clinics.

Admission Requirements

Students currently working in a law office environment or with at least one year experience in law related field are eligible to apply. They must be sponsored by their law firm. Individual applications will be considered as well.

For information on Assessment Services, visit the Assessment Services page.

Mission Statement

The Canadian Paralegal Institute’s mission is to prepare students for careers as professional paralegals by providing a well-balanced, fully integrated education which includes practical skills, substantive knowledge, and a perspective of themselves and the community that enables them to perform effectively in a variety of legal settings.

Canadian Paralegal Institute

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