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May 13 2018

Degrees in child psychology

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B.S. in Psychology

Psychology 36 Credits

Open Electives 24 Credits

Total 120 Credits

Students who choose the major concentration in Psychology must complete:

  • PSYN 210 Modern Psych/Historical Perspc
  • PSYN 226 Computers Soc/Behv Sciences
  • PSYN 320 Psychobiology
  • PSYN 370 Stats Socl/Behv Sciences
  • PSYN 372 Experimnt Psych I:Methodology
  • PSYN 426 Classics Soc/Beh Sciences

In addition to these six required courses, six major elective courses in Psychology numbered 200 or above must also be completed.

Once Psychology is declared as the major, it is recommended that a Psychology Advisor be contacted to be sure that all graduation requirements are met.

There is an 18-credit residency requirement in the major concentration of Psychology.
• PSYN 101 is a prerequisite for the major courses in Psychology and fulfills part of the General Education requirements.

Suggested Courses for Students Planning to Attend Graduate School in Psychology

It is recommended that students planning to attend graduate school should complete the six required courses for the major, as listed above, in addition to selecting at least six courses from the following list:

• Psychology of Learning
• Abnormal Psychology
• Psychology of Personality
• Cognitive Psychology
• Health Psychology
• Psychological Tests and Measurements
• Social Psychology
• Child Psychology

Additional Academic Opportunities

Dual Degree in Psychology and Education Program (B.S. in Psychology + M.S. in Education)

The Bachelor of Science/Master of Science Dual Degree Program is an academic program that allows students interested in the teaching profession as a career choice to earn both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in an accelerated format. Through this special program, qualified students who major in Psychology can receive teacher certification in Early Childhood or Childhood Education. A key feature of this program allows students to take up to 15 graduate education credits during their senior years. These can be used toward satisfying their bachelor’s as well as their master’s degree requirements.

Requirements for Dual Degree

Psychology students planning to complete the Dual Degree and receive the teaching certification in Early Childhood or Childhood Education must complete the 36 credits required for the undergraduate psychology major as described above, including Child Psychology (PSYN 254). They may take 3 graduate education credits in their upper junior semester and an additional 12 credits in their senior year. In addition, they must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA. Students may apply in their senior year for admissions to the M.S. Graduate Education Program.

Please see the School of Education Section of this catalog for program and course details.

Suggested Courses for Dual Degree

It is further suggested that students complete several elective courses from the following list:

• Psychology of Learning
• Cognitive Psychology
• Psychological Tests and Measurements
• Psychology of the Exceptional Child
• Psychological Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence

Four Plus One Program (B.S. in Psychology + M.S. in Psychology)

Qualified undergraduate psychology students have an opportunity to complete the M.S. Psychology degree in one year. Students can complete the 36-credit degree by taking three graduate credits each semester of their senior year (for a total of six credits), which will apply toward the graduate and undergraduate degree. Once the B.S. is completed, they can complete the M.S. degree within a single academic year.

Requirements for the Four Plus One Program

Student must meet the admissions criteria for the M.S. degree in Psychology including:

at least a 3.0 GPA, a grade of B or higher in statistics (PSYN 370), and completion of 90 undergraduate credits. Students may apply in their junior year to the M.S. Psychology Program.

See Graduate Catalog for specific requirements for M.S. Psychology degree and Four-Plus-One Degree.

Students may also participate in the CASAC-T Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor Standardized 350-Hour Education and Training Program.

CASAC-T Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor

Students may also participate in the CASAC-T Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor Standardized 350-Hour Education and Training Program.

Requirements for CASAC-T

Psychology Overview

Have you ever wondered….Why do you do the things you do? What do your dreams mean? Or, why do some people develop schizophrenia? If these questions interest you, then you should consider the Psychology Program. Psychology is the study of behavior, the mind and factors influencing them. With our highly esteemed faculty, diverse guest lecturers and extensive affiliations with area hospitals and clinics, Mercy College is the place to pursue your degree.

The Psychology Program at Mercy College offers more than 50 different psychology courses so students may succeed in a wide range of careers. You’ll have the opportunity for hands-on training and practical experience in several exciting Internships and Cooperative Education (COOP) placements in a number of human service agencies.

There are many opportunities for students to engage in research including those offered through the RIMI (Research Infrastructure in Minority Institutions) and COR grants (Career Opportunities in Research). These federally funded programs provide qualified students with the academic and/or financial support to pursue graduate studies. An honors program and membership in a national society are also available for qualified students.

Psychology FAQS

Can I complete the degree online?
Yes. You have the option to register for as many online courses as you want.

Must I be a psychology major to be accepted into a psychology graduate program?
No. However, there are some required undergraduate psychology courses. Typically, undergraduate Psychology Statistics and Experimental Research are required by most graduate programs and the psychology major.

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