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May 13 2018

Department of Biology and Biochemistry – University of Houston, biochemistry careers.#Biochemistry #careers

Department of Biology and Biochemistry

Department of Biology and Biochemistry

Science Research Building 2

3455 Cullen Blvd., Suite 342

Houston, Texas 77204-5001

  • Biochemistry careers

Inhibiting Cholera

Biochemists are using computational methods to identify therapeutic agents to thwart the cholera toxin.

  • Biochemistry careers

    Casting a Wide Net

    A biology major collects grasshoppers in an Atlantic Coast salt marsh for undergraduate thesis research.

  • Biochemistry careers

    Explaining Epilepsy

    A neuroscientist seeks to explain basic mechanisms of seizures and epilepsy using electrophysiology and imaging techniques.

  • Biochemistry careers

    Intriguing Proteins

    Biochemical research includes work on a variety of fascinating proteins related to infectious disease.

    Advancing Science. Impacting Life.

    Biochemistry careers

    The project seeks to learn how best to respond to national disasters.

    Biochemistry careers

    Assessing response of herbivores, such as grasshoppers, to micronutrient levels.

    Part of ‘Galápagos Evolving’ study abroad course.

    Work by UH scientist suggests at least 75 percent of the genome is junk DNA.

    Peter Jurtshuk, professor emeritus in the University of Houston’s Department of Biology and Biochemistry, passed away on July 9, 2017. He was 87.

    Biochemistry careers

    University of Houston

    College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

    Science Research Building 1

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