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Feb 14 2018

Electrical & Computer Engineering Department

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Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Electrical and computer engineering programs at Parks College prepare students for successful technology careers.

At Saint Louis University s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology, our faculty and staff help make our electrical engineering program and computer engineering program two of the most exciting fields to enter. These two disciplines continue to evolve, making a positive impact on society in the 21st century.

Research, Design and Develop Engineering Technologies of the Future

Students enrolled in the computer and electrical engineering program at Parks College are prepared to be pioneers in the profession, with experience in research, design, development and operation of electrical and electronic components and systems. They get acquainted with the tools of the discipline through experiments, independent projects and assisting professors with research.

Providing electrical and computer programs that incorporate analysis, design, and development of electrical and electronic systems, the department prepares graduates to pursue scientific and technical careers in industry or government or to continue their education through graduate studies not only in related engineering fields, but also in law, business, or management.

A Mission to be at the Forefront of Technology and Innovation

Within the context of Saint Louis University and Parks College of Engineering, Aviation, and Technology, the mission of the Electrical and Computer Engineering program is to prepare graduates to enter into a graduate program or a productive electrical or computer engineering profession.

Learn More About Our Computer and Electrical Engineering Degrees

Staying Connected with Engineering Alumni

After graduation, we like to stay in touch with our alumni. If you are graduate, please take a few moments to rate how our curriculum prepared you for your career. This information will be used for accreditation purposes and continuous quality improvement. Participation in the survey will help us to make the programs better for current and future students.

For the alumni of Electrical and Computer Engineering, please complete a survey by clicking the following link: ALUMNI SURVEY

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