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Sep 21 2017

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Giving Baby Up for Adoption

We will contact you as soon as possible. Usually it is only a couple minutes.

While you are on an adoption road a birth mom get the chance to speak with a lawyer and adoption staff during the process. As a birth mother, it is within your rights to make all decisions.

The type of financial assistance that a a birth mother may get will be different. It will depend on the State the expectant mother lives in.

Using the state of Florida as the example, birth mothers who allow a family to adopt their baby can receive:

  • Housing
    • Food
    • Rent
    • Necessities
  • Clothing
  • Medical care
    • Doctor Visits
    • Addiction Treatments
    • Counseling
  • Transportation
  • Financial assistance for living expenses
    • Utilities such as water, electricity and gas
    • Other expenses approved by the courts

Our adoption professionals at Adoption Life can go over the adoption journey with you. Including the available benefits that may be an option to help with the pregnancy and care costs.We will not pressure you to make a decision, and all of your questions will get answered.

A pregnant mother really should not consider adoption as giving up on a kid, but instead, consider the decision as your choice to give your infant a chance at life with no constraints that you face today. The #Life where you can rest assured knowing your baby is happy, healthy and loved.

It is not uncommon for a woman be thinking, giving baby up for adoption.

The moms that cross paths with our staff are facing difficult choices.

Far to often the women are homeless. When expectant moms first come to us, some are addicted to hard drugs.

We help these women and we can help you too!

Birth Mothers do Much More than Give Away a Child.

Deciding to put an infant for adoption is certainly the very hardest decision a woman will have to make in their own life. When women chooses to put her baby for adoption, she actually is choosing life for her child.

By deciding on adoption instead of abortion, the wonderful women are going for, NOT what is easiest for themselves, but instead, they head down a challenging and rewarding road to adoption.

Expecting a Baby? Would You Like Help?

For information about placing a baby up for adoption and benefits, contact us below!

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