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Mar 13 2018

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handyman jobs

Handyman jobs


Book your appointment any time, day or night, with the Handyman Matters Online Appointment System. Simply tell us about your job, choose from available date and time slots and submit. We’ll contact you to confirm after your selection. It’s that easy, book your job today!


Trust the experts at Handyman Matters! Fill in the form completely, and we will contact you to provide a quote for your home improvement or maintenance needs.

Handyman jobs

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Still not sure what you’re looking for? Find YOUR LOCAL OFFICE and get your questions answered.

* Services listed may not be available at all locations due to local licensing.

Handyman jobs

Product Service Packages

Handyman Matters offers a variety of Packages all designed to help you love your home. From simple upgrades, to home enhancements, to those tasks in your home you simply never think about, we have you covered.

Featured Package

Half-Day Package

Check off your to-do list by bundling a number of projects into a half day’s work. Our multi-skilled Craftsmen will reduce the stress of nagging repairs and tasks.

  • 4 hours of professional handyman services
  • Convenient morning or afternoon appointments
  • Licensed Bonded Craftsmen
  • Guaranteed workmanship
  • Learn More

About Handyman Matters

One Stop Home Improvement Repairs We’re Your Home Ally.

For most of us, our home isn’t just a place, it’s where we raise our children, spend time with family and oftentimes retire. It represents one of the top investments many of us make in our lifetimes, yet most people struggle with proper upkeep. Simply put, though life is busy, your home is precious and it’s essential to give it the attention it needs.

“We started Handyman Matters 20 years ago because, to be blunt about it, the home maintenance and remodeling industries consistently lacked ethics. We wanted to change that and redefine what is expected from a home-improvement partner in terms of both quality of work and integrity in doing the job right. We strive to be your primary resource, and we earn your trust through our work.” Andy Bell, Founder of Handyman Matters

Our business is grounded in:

  • Solving home-improvement issues the way the customer expects.
  • Responding quickly, professionally and appropriately to each customer’s unique needs.
  • Partnering with our customers to help manage the maintenance, upkeep and improvement needs for their homes, one of their most valuable assets.
  • Rigorously tested multi-skilled Craftsmen to ensure their work stands the test of time.
  • Ultimately becoming the home ally that assists our customers with the statement below:

“Life’s too busy and a home is too valuable to keep up with on my own.”

We’ve completed more than 1,000,000 home-improvement jobs nationwide with professionalism, quality and customer service always in mind.

“At our core, we are in the business of serving people and making their lives better. We just happen to do it with tools.” Andy Bell, Founder of Handyman Matters

Why Choose Us

We Listen Solve Your Problem

Respectful of You Your Home Whether It’s A Small Or Critical Project

Quick, Easy Convenient Scheduling to Save Time

Our Craftsmen Are Reliable Trustworthy Professionals

We Stand Behind Our Work With A Guarantee

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