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Aug 31 2018

Holland Codes & Career Decisions, career counseling.#Career #counseling

career counseling

Career counseling Career counseling

Career counseling

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Career counseling

Career counseling Career counseling Career counseling

Career counseling

Career counseling

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Career counseling

Take the Quiz

John Holland made it his life’s work to look at people and work environments and come up with a classification system that described 1) individual differences and similarities, and 2) a classification of work environments to describe and explain differences and similarities among positions and occupations.

How closely do you resemble these theoretical personality types? Distinctive preferences, outlooks, competencies, and self-perceptions characterize each type. See the chart on the next page for descriptions of each type.


    Each personality type has a parallel Work Environment. If you think a personality type (partially) describes you, it might also be helpful to look at the environment description. IF you think a personality description (partially)fits you, then you might look for the corresponding work environment. You can also go to the Web sites cited below for descriptions, exercises, and information about college majors and careers that correspond with particular personality type.

    Career counseling

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