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Aug 31 2018

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TreeAge Pro 2018 is coming soon

TreeAge Pro 2018 will be released in mid January.

The release focuses on advanced techniques including patient interaction, dynamic cohort, debugging options, enhanced reporting and more.

Forex simulation

TreeAge Pro Training Schedule

We are offering courses in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia in 2018.

Decision Trees

Build models to study simple and complex problems to choose the best possible outcome. Our visual editor makes it easy to build and present models. Use TreeAge Pro for any decision, including in the industries of healthcare, oil/gas exploration, business and finance.

Advanced Modeling Features

Use sophisticated modeling techniques for complex decisions. TreeAge Pro supports Markov models, patient-level simulation (Microsimulation) models and time-to-event (DES) models using a consistent set of modeling and analysis tools.

Analysis Tools

Apply sophisticated analysis and reporting tools to your model, including decision analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, sensitivity analysis, Monte Carlo simulation and more.


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TreeAge Pro 2018, R1 Coming Soon

This release is highlighted by new features to support more complex models including support for dynamic cohort size and interaction among individuals in a patient simulation model. Dynamic Cohort Easily add to your cohort size for cohort or simulation models using the new Entry node type. Cohort reports now provide data based on the cohort [ ]

TreeAge Pro 2017, R2 Release

This release is highlighted by a new capability to generate cohort-level reporting on Markov Microsimulation models and trial-level tracking reports on both Markov Microsimulation and DES models. Click here to view an online demonstration video highlighting the new features. Cohort-Level Transparency for Microsimulation Models Generate the familiar Markov Cohort Extended Report format from Markov Microsimulation [ ]

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