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Apr 29 2018

Hospice Patients Alliance: Patient Advocates, brain hospice.#Brain #hospice

brain hospice

Brain hospice

Please support our mission!

Preserving the Original Mission of Hospice!

Read what could be the most important book you ever read:

Explains what is happening in our health care system now, even without “death panels.” This web-book is available online at no charge so that everyone can get this vital information. Share this book with others you know!

Read online or download the e-book now:

Brain hospice

Brain hospice

“Ron Panzer’s knowledge of the health care industry — and its dark side — is exceptional.

Equally exceptional is his dedication to authentically pro-life hospice care.”

end-of-life issues, would do well to read Ron’s new e-book,

Imposed Death: Stealth Euthanasia Conference

DVDs Now Available!

Did you miss the Imposed Death 2012 Conference on Stealth Euthanasia?

DVDs of the entire conference are available now for only $20.

You can purchase the DVDs online or send a check (made out to Human Life Alliance) to:

Human Life Alliance, 1614 93rd Lane NE, Minneapolis, MN 55449. For more info. call 651.484.1040

Knowing there are people like you and your organization is a God send!”

Other books available for immediate download:

Order the Most Complete Guide to Hospice Care available

The Hospice Patients Alliance Family Guide to Hospice Care

Get the answers you need now!

Restoring the Culture of Life

(The Ethics of Life In Healthcare and Society)

Brain hospice

Brain hospice

Articles By Ron Panzer

2003 through 2012

Brain hospice

Brain hospice

Articles By Ron Panzer

2012 through June 2016

Brain hospice

Brain hospice

The Heart of End-of-Life Care

Called to Serve

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