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Sep 21 2017

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Online International Degree Programs

Find accredited international universities like the University of Liverpool and Edinburgh Business School offering online degree programs in Business Administration, Information Technology, and more.

The University of Liverpool, in partnership with Laureate Online Education, enables students to obtain an internationally recognized degree through a programme specifically designed to meet the needs of busy professionals. University of Liverpool offers the following online master’s degree programs:

  • Master of Business Administration
    At the end of the programme, you will understand how marketing can help you identify, analyse and exploit world markets and have an appreciation of the management processes involved in making major strategic decisions. Your understanding of the latest theories and best practices in people management will include a firm grounding in psychology and an awareness of how human behaviour affects leadership. In addition, your new portfolio of analytical and strategic skills will help you better implement informed management decisions.
  • Master of Business Administration – Marketing
    Our Specialisation Track in Marketing includes focused knowledge that enables managers to make informed, influential decisions that support the development goals of their organisation or business, through such modules as Market Research, Consumer Behaviour, and Services Marketing.
  • Master of Business Administration – Finance Accounting
    Our Specialisation Track in Finance Accounting provides deep understanding and practical skills in using the latest financial and accounting tools, which are central to the successful growth of any organisation. Modules include Investment Strategies, Financial Reporting, and Advanced Managerial Accounting.
  • Master of Science in Information Technology
    At the end of the programme, you will be able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the latest, standards, thinking, terminology and practices in Computer Science. You will have confidence in your ability to evaluate the latest knowledge, IT issues and methodologies and apply this in practice to the analysis, design, programming and implementation of IT systems. You will be able to translate operational requirements into clear work processes and fully equipped to lead teams in the IT industry, within IT departments and within global organisations.
  • Master of Science in IT – Internet Computing
    Internet Computing is one of the fastest-growing areas in today’s IT industry. In this Specialisation Track, you’ll study modules that include Internet and Multimedia Technology, Web XML Applications and various programming languages and applications.
  • Master of Science in IT – Information Security
    In a time when security and confidentiality of information are of primary importance, Information Security is an important new IT focus. This Specialisation Track offers cutting-edge modules in such areas Computer Forensics and Security Engineering.
  • Master of Science in IT – Software Engineering
    One of the rising challenges for IT professionals is developing software of increasing complexity. Our Software Engineering Specialisation Track provides all the essential knowledge and skills through such modules as IT Project Management, Systems Analysis and Design, and Management of QA and Software Testing.
  • Master of Science in Information Systems Management
    At the end of the programme, you will have a thorough grasp of the current terminology, standards and knowledge in both Management and Computer Science and complete confidence in your ability to evaluate IS issues and management methodologies. Your ability to manage resources, people and marketing in IT projects will be matched by your understanding of the principles of leadership. You will also be well equipped to analyse IT investments and understand the associated benefits and risks.

Founded in 1881, the University of Liverpool is one of the most well-established and highly respected educational institutions in the UK, whose graduates can be found throughout all corners of the globe filling senior positions in industry and many other organisations. The University of Liverpool is accredited by the UK Government in the form of a Royal Charter and is also a member of the International Association of Universities.

University of South Australia
As a prominent member of the Global University Alliance, The University of South Australia’s primary focus is on educating professionals and on creating and applying knowledge. It is widely recognized for the quality of its teaching and learning programs. The University of South Australia offers the following master’s degree online:

  • Master of Information Technology
    The Master of IT, presented by the School of Information Technology and Computer Science provides students with ongoing conceptual understanding of computer science to keep up to date with industry developments. This program provides introductory IT education to graduates of a non-computing discipline. The Master of IT prepares graduates to work in industry, business or public administration. It covers the areas of computer science and information systems including object-oriented technology, networking, databases and computer systems and skills as well as the technical aspects of e-commerce.

The Master of Information Technology has ACS (Australian Computer Society) accreditation. The University is one of Australia’s largest and has more than 25,000 students, 2,000 staff and six campuses. It is experienced in serving international students, through its extensive distance education and off-shore teaching programs. The Master of Information Technology degree program is available through the Global University Alliance.

Virtual Global University
Virtual Global University offers an online International Master of Business Informatics (MBI) degree program. The MBI program is a joint project by the Virtual Global University (VGU) and the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) in Germany (EUV). The MBI program is accredited by FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation).

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