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Feb 16 2018

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Medical Transcription/

Healthcare Documentation Training

Why Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation?

There is a huge demand for CanScribe MT/HDS graduates there are currently more jobs than graduates!

Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation is the process of creating electronic documents from doctors dictated reports. Translating oral dictation and editing speech recognition files are an integral part of work for today s MT/HDSs. The position can be done within a hospital, clinic, lab and doctor s office, but more often than not, this type of work is performed from home. In fact, Medical Transcription was ranked as one of the top ten home-based businesses in Inc., Parents, Business Start-Ups and Good Housekeeping Magazines.

Working in the medical industry has many benefits. Not only is creating accurate medical records interesting and challenging work, you also learn a lot about medicine. As you are introduced to new technologies, you will continue to learn and grow in this career field. Since accurate medical records are pivotal to healthcare, qualified healthcare documentation specialists will always be needed. With the North American population aging and living longer than ever, the demand on our health care system will grow as well increasing the demand in all health care sectors, including Healthcare Documentation.

Course Information

Quality training will be the key to your success as a Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation Specialist and CanScribe graduates are highly sought after by employers throughout the industry. CanScribe s MT/HDS course is one of the few that is approved by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity. Our course includes focused training in keyboarding, grammar and punctuation, medical terminology, medical specialties, editing and proofreading and speech recognition. More importantly, our course will provide you with extensive hands-on practice to give you the experience you need to help you get hired. Authentic doctor dictations and real-world technology practice ensures our graduates are work ready upon graduation. Students have 12 months to complete the course (extensions may be available) and you can study in the privacy of your own home or learn on campus.

All of our students receive licenses for the electronic Book of Style (eBOS) from AHDI, Stedman s online reference materials through Lippincott Williams Wilkins and word expander software from SpeedType. Students also receive an Infinity foot pedal and a VEC Wishbone headset. All of these reference materials are included in the course fee.

CanScribe students also participate in a Practicum as part of their course where they experience the real world of Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation while being mentored by an MT/HDS Practicum Supervisor. Students have the opportunity to secure their own onsite Practicum with local healthcare facilities or will be placed with one of CanScribe s internal or external based Practicums. Students create and submit a resume, experience the interview process, sign a Practicum Agreement, learn account guidelines and work on industry technology to complete their Practicum. The Practicum component is unique only to CanScribe and has helped develop the best trained MT/HDS s available. CanScribe also provides unlimited job placement assistance to all graduates forever!

Included in the CanScribe Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation Program:

  • Access to all CanScribe staff via email, Chat Live and toll free phone numbers
  • Training on current and relevant industry approved curriculum
  • Courses hosted on state-of-the-art Learning Management Systems
  • Unique grade book that records all tests, transcription/SR reports and exams
  • Automated text comparison of transcription reports, showing any differences in contrasting colors for easy assessment
  • All reference materials supplied at no extra cost
  • Access to staff, students and graduates via online event rooms and forums
  • Scheduled online events with CanScribe staff and guest speakers
  • Regular follow-ups to ensure your learning outcomes
  • All exams are instructor graded
  • Unlimited job placement assistance
  • Contacts with employers based throughout North America and Australia
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Tuition receipt for income tax purposes
  • Third party funding and student loans may be available

Please see our Course Curriculum for a detailed outline of program.

CanScribe Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation graduates are in high demand!

The current demand for CanScribe Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation graduates is more than we can supply. Are you one of the thousands of people that are interested in a rewarding career that you can do from home? CanScribe Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation graduates can do just that. Enroll today and you will receive access to our industry approved and endorsed online medical transcription / healthcare documentation training.

Join our 1300+ medical transcription / healthcare documentation graduates who are successfully working as MT/HDSs for employers in the United States, Canada and Australia. Many employers seek out CanScribe graduates and are willing to waive their 2 5 year experience prerequisites specifically for you because of your CanScribe training experience.

So what are you waiting for? There is a huge demand for our graduates. Start training today in this rewarding health care field and in only one short year you can be on our list of successful graduates that have gone on to their dream work from home jobs with real earning potential as a Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation Specialist.

Note: in order to enroll in the MT/HDS course you must first pass a basic grammar and typing test during the application.

Medical transcription jobs

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