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Jun 7 2018

North Hollywood High School Music

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North Hollywood High School
Music Department

Joining this group not only gives you the chance to be a part of school activities, but it also fulfills your PE requirement for ninth and tenth grade! The NHHS Band is among the finest musical groups in the city. The band is respected on campus, throughout the district and more often then not wins the City Championship.

During the fall, the band combines with the Dance Team to perform at school football games, activities, and competitions. In the spring, the band plays concert band music. The many different types of activities g ive the band member the opportunity to grow musically and to have fun. The Band goes to two or more festivals each spring, typically being awarded a Superior designation.

North Hollywood HS counts Michael Tilson-Thomas and former Boston Pops conductor John Williams among its alumni. The orchestra class is open to anyone who already plays a violin, viola, cello, string bass, oboe or bassoon. Works performed in recent years include Russian Sailors Dance, Prelude to Act Three-Lohengrin, Haydn s 102st Symphony, Fingal’s Cave and Vivaldi’s Violin Concerto in A minor. The Orchestra goes to two or more festivals each spring, typically being awarded a Superior designation.

Jazz Ensemble meets at 6:45am daily. Magnet bus transportation to school is not available this early in the morning, so students must arrange for transportation on their own. The Jazz Ensemble performs at a number of festivals in the spring and is a busy performing group. Students are selected by the director for the Jazz Ensemble following an audition. Instrumentation needs and group dynamics are also among items taken into consideration by the director when selecting students for this select performing group. Because Band Orchestra are viewed as our primary teaching groups and the Jazz Ensemble focuses on a subset of the musical skills taught in Band Orchestra, it is the policy of the Music Department that all students in Jazz Ensemble be concurrently enrolled in either Band or Orchestra.

Dance Team gives students the chance to be a part of school activities and also fulfills the PE graduation requirement or the Performing Arts graduation or college entrance requirement. During the fall, the Dance Team combines with the Band to perform at school football games, activities, and competitions. When winter spring come, our Dance Team works on their own, performing to contemporary music at competitions, school functions and other events. Members of each year’s Dance Team are selected at a 3 day after- school tryouts in April that is repeated in May. Interested students should contact Mr. Gehringer before that time for more information. Tryout information is available here.

North Hollywood HS also offers a beginning wind instrument class for students who wish to begin playing a woodwind or brass instrument. There will also be beginning drums in this class.

Advanced Placement Music Theory

Typically for the older student, AP Music Theory is a college-level class in how music is written. Students should expect to take the AP Exam in May which at many universities will earn them college credit in addition to assisting them in gaining admission to selective universities. For more information, visit the College Board at:

Students will learn basic open chords and scales in order to compose their own song, which they can write with their classmates and perform for the class! Through these experiences students will get to know different styles, including playing acoustic blues guitar as either a soloist or in a group. More advanced students who take the class will work on learning complex chord changes and sight reading music

Beginning Chorus, Choir, and Vocal Ensemble

Join the groups that bring the holidays to life at NHHS! At the end of each semester the vocal groups fill the halls and rooms of our school with music ranging from the master composers of the Renaissance through to the beautiful and challenging music of the present day. The Beginning Chorus and Choir class is an ideal way for a first or second year student to introduce themselves to the campus and new friends, while the Vocal Ensemble is a select group of auditioned singers that has performed at festivals both in and out of state and on national TV. All groups focus on the a cappella repertoire that makes a singer the best trained musician possible, although a traditional highlight is the annual performance of the Hallelujah chorus together with the NHHS Orchestra

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