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Feb 7 2018

Now Hiring! How to Find Companies That Are Hiring, are they hiring.#Are #they #hiring

Now Hiring! How to Find Companies That Are Hiring

Are they hiring

When you re job searching time is always an issue, especially if you re unemployed or in a bad job that you really need to move on from. In addition, you don t want to waste your time weeding through old job listings that are out-of-date and already filled.

Regardless of the timing, the applicants who apply sooner rather than later have a better shot at getting an interview than those who apply after the interview process has already begun.

What s the best way find companies that have open positions? It depends on what type of job you re looking for, but there are ways to get the newest job openings online and via email, as well as options for finding local companies who are hiring now.

Get Ready to Apply For Jobs

Before you start searching for jobs, get ready to job search. Create or update your resume, have a basic cover letter that you can customize for the jobs you are applying for ready and have all the information you need to complete a job application at hand.

You don t want to miss out on a good opportunity because you re not ready to submit an application. Also, don t wait to apply. I know too many people who spent so much time deciding whether they should apply and writing and re-writing job application materials that, by the time they got their application in it was too late and the job was filled.

Use Job Search Engines

The job search engines not only let you find job postings fast because they are searching many sources of job listings at once, they are also a good way to find jobs that are available immediately., for example, searches for jobs directly on company websites. Once the job is no longer listed, it s removed from the site and won t show up in the search results. also posts jobs from company job boards, as well as from state job banks for all fifty states. is a social network site job search engine that provides a way to find those jobs that are listed on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and forums.

Many companies promote current job openings on social networking sites, sometimes even before they are listed on job boards or company websites, so you ll be able to find listings ahead of other candidates.

Set Up Job Search Alerts

Most job boards and many company websites and job search engines have options where you can get new job postings that match your interests sent to you as soon as they are listed.

For example, offers email job alerts and RSS feeds that deliver and jobs to news readers. users can set up job alerts to receive notifications about new job listings that include the keywords (company name or job title) that you list.

Apply Direct at Company Websites

If you know which companies you are interested in working for, you can go directly to the source and search for and apply for jobs online directly on many company websites. At most company sites, you can apply for all level positions online and your application will go directly into the company s application tracking system for consideration. You ll find job postings in the Careers section of the site, which is often listed under About Us or About the Company on the front page of the company website.

In addition, many large companies are always hiring. Leading employers are continually accepting applications and filling job openings because they have so many employees, there is always turnover and new jobs. Many of those companies are part of the DirectEmployers Association, a nonprofit HR consortium of leading global employers, which lists jobs and information listed by company on

Ask if a Company is Hiring

If your timing is right and you catch an employer at the right hiring moment, you can get yourself considered for a job or internship. Employers often appreciate when interested job candidates reach out to ask about employment.

Not only does it show that you have a specific interest in the company, but it also saves the employer the time and expense of advertising and recruiting.

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Contacting an employer before he or she has begun advertising a position will also help you beat out the competition.

Below are a few suggestions for ways to reach out to employers.

  • Send an email or letter. Consider sending an inquiry letter, also known as a cold contact cover letter, prospecting letter, or value proposition letter. This letter (sent via mail or email) should contain information on why the company interests you and why your skills and experience would be an asset to the organization. Don t forget to include your contact information. Here are sample inquiry letters to review.
  • Use social and professional networking. Email isn’t the only way to ask if someone is hiring. For example, consider reaching out to an employer via a LinkedIn message. This message should contain much of the same information as an inquiry letter, although it can be a bit shorter.
  • Call or visit the office. If you live near the office, consider a quick in-person visit. At the very least, you can leave a copy of your resume and contact information, and if you’re lucky, a hiring manager might have a minute to chat with you. If you cannot visit the office, you can also call. You may not be able to get through to a decision maker, but it can t hurt to try. You can also consider calling before stopping in, to see when a hiring manager or other executive might be available for a brief conversation.
  • Network. Take any opportunity you can to meet and reach out to an employee at the company you are interested in. You can connect with employees and employers through social or professional networks, or at local job fairs or industry-related events. Making a personal connection, if possible, can only help your job search.

Think Local

When you know that you want to work in your hometown or another specific location, take advantage of local job search resources. Many smaller companies list positions on Craigslist or the town Chamber of Commerce website, if it has a job board. Check the online help wanted ads in your local newspaper as well.

If you re interested in a retail job, walk around town or the mall. You will see Now Hiring or Help Wanted signs in store windows, along with instructions on how to apply.

Ask Your Network

Networking, both in-person and online, is still the way the majority of job openings are filled. Let your friends and family know that you re seeking employment.

Also (carefully because you don t want your current employer to find out you re job searching) ask your connections on LinkedIn, and other contacts that you know you can safely tell you are looking for work, if they can let you know about any job listings that might be a good fit. You may be able to apply before the job is even posted. Here s more on job searching when you have a job for job seekers who are job hunting while employed.

If you re out of work, of course, tell everyone you know you are seeking employment. You don t know who may be able to help, unless you ask.

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