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Sep 18 2018

On-campus M

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On-campus Master of Social Work Program Options

MSW Program Options On-campus

The School of Social Work offers three on-campus MSW program options:

  1. Full-time two year – This is the standard two year program. It follows the cohort model, starting every Fall term. Students attend full-time for four semesters – Fall, Spring, and the following Fall and Spring. (Schedule here .)
  2. Part-time three year days – This option begins each Fall term and takes three years to complete, breaking down the first full-time year into two part-time years. During the first two years students attend classes one or two days a week part-time, with the field placement falling in their fourth semester. The final year is still a full-time year, as the field placement requirement cannot be reduced. The schedule for this final year is identical to the full-time program’s second year.
  3. Advanced Standing – This option is available only to those who have earned a BSW from a program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education and have earned that degree within the past seven years. The BSW degree must be granted prior to the beginning of advanced standing classes. Students attend one full year consisting of three semesters, starting with the Summer term. (Schedule here .)

Distance Learning options

The School of Social Work also offers off-campus MSW options in the Boulder/Longmont area, Colorado Springs, and Denver. For more information visit the Distance MSW Program section.

MSW/MPH Dual Degree

In partnership with Colorado School of Public Health the School of Social Work will be offering a dual degree MSW/MPH program. For information visit the MSW/MPH section .

Transfer from Another MSW Program

Students who have completed no more than one full year of graduate study at an accredited social work graduate program will be individually evaluated by the Admission Committee for appropriate placement in the program. Completion of foundation courses in social work practice, human behavior and social environment, social welfare policy, social work research, and field placement may satisfy requirements for the foundation courses. The Director of Field Education will evaluate field experience. Transfer students must go through the regular admission process, must furnish additional materials from the current program including syllabi, and indicate a compelling reason they have chosen to apply for a transfer.

The MSW Program does not grant social work course credit for life experience or previous work experience.

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