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Sep 18 2018

Retail Active, Customer Experience Measurement Agency, secret shopper jobs.#Secret #shopper #jobs

secret shopper jobs

Secret shopper jobs Secret shopper jobs

Welcome to Retail Active

We are a professional and experienced Customer Experience Measurement Agency, with core skills in Brand Auditing, Mystery Shopping Training, delivering improvements in profit, culture compliance for our clients.

We deliver improved customer loyalty and operational execution in our Client’s business performance through our mix of industry expertise, advanced data and insights, real cultural engagement from our people and tailor made programmes.

About Us

We were incorporated in 2000 and have enjoyed successful growth since then; this growth has been driven by our commitment to provide excellent service to our clients.

We are proud of the highly successful partnerships we have built with many of the world’s leading companies, due to our expertise, customer focus, continual innovation and the value we drive.

Our engagement with our people enables us to innovate, evolve and consistently deliver for our clients – with our values at the heart of driving great service.

We are a member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) which aims to improve and stimulate the acceptance, performance, reputation and use of member services. This means that we have been externally assessed and proven to:

• Adhere to specific professional standards, specifically a Code of Professional Ethics and a Code of Professional Standards;

• Have earned a strong client and market place reputation, measured through a minimum of six verified client references from the past year and;

• Conduct business in a manner which complies with and enhances the established standards of service in the customer standards measurement industry.

We are an Advantage Smollan company

Retail Active is part of Advantage Smollan, the first and only global provider of innovative outsourced sales and marketing solutions for consumer goods companies and retailers.

This partnership between Advantage Sales and Marketing LLC and Smollan Group delivers a unified service agency solution throughout Europe which provides manufacturers with the best retail merchandising, technology and reporting solutions on an international scale.

Our People and Our Values

At Retail Active we truly believe that our people are one of our strongest assets and therefore invest heavily in the growth and development of our team. Our team is the foundation of our business; our product is people.

We have a mix of specialists leading our divisions and a rich blend of backgrounds and experience, all of which add value to our clients’ programmes. We also have clear progression routes for every member of our team.

We take time to ensure that our clients have the right people looking after their programmes and that there is a clear cultural match between our people and clients.

Created by our people, our values ensure that every member of our team has a voice and can affect the culture of our business.

• Being a great place to work

• Delivering an outstanding client experience, every time

• Focussing on how to be better tomorrow

Secret shopper jobs

Lucy Vallender

Secret shopper jobs

Rachael Simmonds

Secret shopper jobs

Alisdair Smith

Secret shopper jobs

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