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Mar 14 2018

Telecom Advisors

In a nutshell, we take care of everything. We negotiate with the vendors, make recommendations, coordinate with the local telephone company and oversee the installation which means you save money.

Whether we recommend a single carrier solution or a multi-carrier solution for your company, you have a single point of contact to deal with; the person who knows your account best. During the pricing and evaluation process for new carriers, it is typical to request at least 3 bids and have two appointments with multiple carriers. Having a single point of contact is a huge time saver!

Your Independent Telecom Consultant acts as an assistant buyer for your company once he/she understands your business needs and preferences. He/she gets to know your organization, information about your short and long term goals, and why and how you make decisions. Why would you want to repeat that process every couple of years?

Who has the most reliable network? Who has billing problems? Who is going bankrupt? Who can make the desired install date? When using an Independent Consultant, you don t have to listen to The Company Story for each carrier, as they tend to dress up their deficiencies and downplay their weaknesses. You get to hear the truth.Your Independent Telecom Consultant understands the carriers products and limitations, and can put you in the right solution for your company.

This is an incredibly important concept to understand when choosing to use an Independent Telecom Consultant! When you work with a direct sales representative for a telecom company, one that may be here today and gone tomorrow (rep or company), they are paid only when they bring in a new sale. There is no motivation for them to ever speak to you again after you sign the dotted line. On the flip side, because Independent Telecom Consultants are commission only and residual based, earning a small percentage of the monthly telecom bills, it takes them, in many cases, up to 24 months to get paid what the direct representative will get paid 30 days after the sale. The motivation for someone becoming an Independent Telecom Consultant is to build a book of happy customers that no longer have to find a new representative every couple of years. This relationship only makes sense for the Consultant if you retain services with them for over 24 months, so they have EVERY motivation to assist you in addressing and solving any service issues that you may ever have. A good Independent Telecom Consultant isn t just another business associate; they become part of your team.

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