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Apr 19 2018

TPO Roofing – Prices, Pros and Cons, home warenty.#Home #warenty


TPO Roofing

Home warenty See costs in your area Start Here – Enter Your Zip Code

  • This calculator is only as accurate as the numbers you plug into it. If your measurements are off, so will be the estimated roof size and price. It is important that you accurately measure your roof. Include any overhangs, bump-outs, and parapet walls.
  • Include all parts of the roof into the calculator. Things like curb flashings (HVAC units, Chimneys, Skylights, Roof Hatches) or drains may seem of little importance to you, but they take considerable amount of time to flash properly and slow down the process.
  • Don’t forget tear-off. Most states require that your roof may not have more than TWO layers of materials (without special approval by building engineer or architect and permission from your City/Town building department). It is also recommended to remove all existing materials down to the roof deck, before installing a new roof. This allows you to remove all wet insulation and repair a rotted / rusted roof decking.

Home warentyCalculator limitations: It is important to understand that these are only approximate figures. Your actual price will greatly depend on your geographic location, roof complexity, the contractor you choose, and ever fluctuating cost of materials.

Home warenty

I live in a mobile home. It started out as a single and one of the former owners had an addition put on. I have no idea what shape the roof is in. However, the leaks that we have appear to be coming from the area where the addition connects with the original home. It is also a very old home and we cannot afford to buy a new home. Thank you!!

Is there a question? I will assume that you need a solution. Cheapest option is to have a 3-4 foot wide strip of TPO / PVC or Rubber roof installed between addition and original roof. Tuck the strip under original roof and overlap the addition roof. I assume original roof is ABOVE or higher than addition. If not, reverse the order.

Otherwise, you may want to consider replacing the whole roof. This will be costly however.

Can we install solalr racking for solar panels on top of the TPO we will not penetrate the roof we use cinder blocks to hold the racking down

You should be able to instal solar with ballasted racking on TPO roof, without any problems. What I would recommend to prevent any possible leak issues, is to use some sore of separation mat even a strip of TPO material, where racking is in contact with roof.

And of course, take into account combined weight of ballasted solar + snow load, to make sure your roof does not collapse if too much snow falls on it.

The separation mat acts as a sacrificial layer when the PV system moves around. The key to the sacrificial layer is to have it adhered to the TPO, not to the bottom of the PV racking system. If the separation sheet is attached to the bottom of the rack, it moves when the rack moves and causes damage to the TPO membrane.

  1. TPO Roofer Post author July 20, 2017 at 2:38 pm

Good insight, thanks!

I did not think you need to glue the separation layer.

Your calculator would be much more helpful if the calculation included a ZIPCODE FIELD to immediately reflect LOCAL labor cost estimates (without waiting for local roofers to calculate the cost themselves and email it to me), since this will vary a TON depending on what state/ where a roofer is working. For example, your estimator estimates straight labor cost of installation of new TPO on simple roof with no penetrations etc at $640 per square. I think that is a national estimate, since its around $300 per square a crew gets per square for TPO here in Tennessee.

When materials cost $170-200+ per square (membrane, drip edge, insulation, screws + plates, glue, patches, etc) a normal roofing company CANNOT install it $300 and not lose money on the job.

Also consider that most existing roofs should be stripped off, and old roofing must be disposed of.

So you $300 figure is completely unrealistic.

We did not put Zip Code field, because it is a usability issue that s why we have Region option to account for different local markets.

Does this include drip edge or termbar

  1. TPO Roofer Post author December 12, 2016 at 1:24 pm

Yes it does full installed cost. But obviously this is only an estimate, and actual prices will depend on the roof and location, and contractor, and materials used in the job, and many other factors.

Still, these are pretty close estimates!

I need to sell this product to a property owner, but this site tells me nothing about the product.

  1. TPO Roofer Post author December 12, 2016 at 1:28 pm

Brian, not to be rude or anything, but if you don t know anything about TPO, maybe you should not be selling it. It is a fairly complex system and small mistakes can cost big bucks.

I recommend you start by reading about particular products on manufacturers websites.

Best of luck selling it, and don t take personal offense please.

This is a great tool. I can not get it calculate. Is there any problem? thank you

Teris, the calculator works try again could be a server delay or maybe try Chrome or Firefox

The calculator seems to be broken. There is a 404 Not Found on tponodrop.js

Thanks for the heads up we just fixed the calculator. Now you can estimate tpo roof prices

All licensed Roofers must carry insurance and be bonded for the safeguard of their clients. Be sure to authenticate this when using the Roofers you finally choose but don’t stop there. Get information about the limits of the protection and which company they are really insured with. Also get information about warranties.;

As a means to give the customer some familiarity with ranges, it seems like an effective tool.

Granted, every project is different and needs to be examined on a case by case basis, but I think this will help clients get a very good idea of what they need to be thinking in terms of.

I think it is a very nice interface and is pretty slick set up. 

Windows on Washington

Thanks for the TPO roofing calculator. Very helpful tool. Been looking for something like this for awhile!

I need 41000 sq ultraply tpo with 30 year warenty and like to know how much will cost for the product including the shiping to california

I don t think you will get a 30 year warranty anywhere. The max in commercial roofing is 25 years, and only on thickest membrane (typically 80+ mil), which is the most expensive option.

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